Are you looking for a customized car title loan package to help you get some extra cash? Medlin Title Loans can help.

If you are a South Carolina resident with a lien-free title, we invite you to complete an online loan application. At Medlin Title Loans, your application can be approved the same day.

Whether you just need a loan to help you get through the next month or a longer period of time, our company is your solution. Our car title loan representatives can create an affordable loan package that is ideal for your financial situation.

How Can Title Loans in Statesboro Help Me?

Take a moment to think about the amount of money that it would take to solve your financial dilemma. If your vehicle is free and clear of liens and loans, you may qualify to borrow up to the value of your vehicle.

If you have bad credit, this is good news for you. This is especially true if you've been turned down by other lending institutions. Title loans can help you:

  • Catch up on your bills.
  • Purchase new tires or brakes for your car.
  • Pay for school expenses.
  • Make home repairs.
  • Pay delinquent federal or state tax bills.

From a hassle-free application process to a generous cash loan, there are many advantages of securing online Columbia car title loans from our company. We invite you to complete an application so you can experience the benefits.

What Should I Know About Title Loans in Statesboro?

Car title loans in Statesboro require you to use your vehicle as collateral to secure the loan. Here are additional facts that you should know about these loans.

1. If you owe money to your original lender or you have a lien against your vehicle, you aren't eligible to be approved for title loans in Statesboro.

At Medlin Title Loans, we base your loan offer on the amount of equity in your vehicle. For that reason, we can't approve loans for vehicles without any equity.

2. After you sign a loan contract, your title lender will register a vehicle lien on your car with the Department of Motor Vehicles in South Carolina.

This is a temporary lien. It will remain on your vehicle until the loan has been repaid in full.

3. You can continue to drive your vehicle throughout the duration of your title loan.

Medlin Title Loans isn't an automobile title pawn company. We allow you to keep your car and receive a loan.

4. If you aren't able to repay your loan according to the terms of your contract, you could face legal consequences.

The consequences of defaulting on a car title loan include repossession and damage to your credit score.

5. After your loan has been repaid in full, you can request an immediate lien release.

We will provide you with a copy of your contract and vehicle title. Take these documents to the motor vehicles department to obtain a free and clear title.

Car title loans in Statesboro are great for you if you need quick cash without the hassle of a credit inquiry. Complete an online application today.

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