Life throws unexpected emergencies our way frequently. People might be caught up on all bills and rent or mortgage payments, feel like things are going smoothly, and then suddenly find themselves in the middle of a $1,000 auto repair that they can't afford not to get. House payments sometimes sneak up on us and catch us by surprise, leaving us without the money to pay the mortgage. Loans typically require people to have good or great credit, and most lenders want to know that you have a certain income before they'll loan out to you. Title loans in Lexington and car title loans Columbia change the game. They're a form of secure loan that enables someone to qualify for a loan even if:

  • They have bad credit
  • They don't have a certain type of income
  • They don't own their own home

Because the loan is secured by your car title, YOU QUALIFY as long as you're 18 or older and have a physical copy of your car title!

Application For Title Loans In Lexington

To apply for a title loan, fill out:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your car's vital information (Make, model, year, and mileage)

This information gives you an instant and free loan quote. Does the amount look like enough to help you out of your situation? If so, great! Just wait for one of our professional loan specialists to call you and let you know what the terms of your repayment are. This means they'll tell you when your payments will be due and what amount the payments will be. It also lets you know how long you'll be paying your payments for: For example, 3 months-6 months. Title loans are short-term loans! You won't be paying on them for very long. It's a short amount of time to repay a loan that can help you with so many different financial troubles.

Advantages Of Title Loans

Title loans are advantageous because of the ease at which you're approved. When you're struggling to make a payment or obtain something you need, the first thing you need is a loan that is approved quickly and with few requirements. Title loans in Lexington provide just this kind of service. You get a loan that you're nearly instantly approved for, a loan that you can repay over a short period of time to reduce the higher interest rates, and a loan that does not require you to have an even average credit rating or certain type of income. Even if you're on disability or other form of government assistance, you can get title loans in Lexington so long as you make enough income to repay the loan in the set period of time. Spend the loan however you want! And once you've repaid your title loan you can always take out another title loan whenever you need one to help you through tough times. We're flexible about repayments and love to know that we help our loyal customers when other lenders won't.

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